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Greenhouse Floor Plan

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In the center greenhouse bay, adjacent to the hydroponic tomatoes, is the aquaponic production area.  Four, 1200 gallon tanks will provide habitat for commercially viable fish which might include bass, carp, sturgeon and koi.   This fish culture system is directly connected to the plant growing tanks in which lettuce and herbs are grown on floating rafts.  This design is based on the commercially viable system developed by Dr, James Rakocy and his fellow researchers at the University of the Virgin Islands.  This unit has the potential to produce nearly 2500 pounds of fish per year.  Additionally, 50-60 thousand heads of lettuce per year will be grown using the fish effluent in the float system.

The float system is an ancient yet very efficient method of hydroponics that was first used for serious food production by the Aztecs over 800 years ago.  By adding additional aeration to the water and natural fertilizer from the fish tanks, we have a highly efficient system that is inexpensive to operate and provides both plants and fish as marketable crops.  

Kirby Peak Ranch opening spring, 2002
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