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Hydroponic Tomatoes

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In the western-most bay is the hydroponic tomato production system, which fills a 36 x 140 ft area, providing over 5000 square feet of production area.  The plants will be grown in specially made containers filled with perlite, a natural, inert growing media and the nutrient solution will be delivered via drip irrigation.  This method was chosen because it accommodates these long-term crops in an efficient and highly productive manner.  A plant support system will hold the weight of the tomato plants which, after 10 months of growing, can have a stem over 30 feet in length.  Very specific culturing practices are used to allow the plant to grow to this length and still be accessible to those handling the plant and harvesting the fruit.   From the 1428 plants, between 40 50,000 pounds of tomatoes can be grown in this system each year.

Kirby Peak Ranch opening spring, 2002
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