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Commercial Food Production

Kirby Peak Ranch implements high-tech methods of agriculture to grow premium quality produce and fish in a controlled environment greenhouse that encompasses nearly 1/2 acre. Hydroponic and aquaponic culture systems are used to produce large quantities of food in an environmentally friendly way. 

The most commonly grown crop in commercial hydroponics is tomatoes, followed by lettuce, herbs, cucumbers and peppers.  Worldwide, hydroponics is used to grow crops in locations where adequate soil and resources are limited.  In the North America, hydroponics is often combined with controlled environment agriculture to grow premium crops.

Aquaculture  (fish farming), is a great way to help supply the growing demand for fresh fish without depleting natural resources.  There are many types of aquaculture and many different species cultured.

Although the origins of both hydroponics and aquaculture can be traced to ancient times, the combination of the two is quite new.  Serious research began in the 1970's and continues today.  Currently, research continues, commercial operations are getting established and many home gardeners are using this technology to produce year-round fresh fish and vegetables.

Kirby Peak Ranch opening spring, 2002
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