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First crops seeded...

The first crops, hydroponic tomatoes, were seeded on Thursday, May 23, 2002. From left to right, Richard Radanovich, Shaun Strickland, Shilpa Patel, Peggy Radanovich, Brandi Radanovich, Katie Mayer and Zach Mayer, displaying the DeRuiter seeds. 

Richard and Peggy Radanovich seeding tomatoes on the propagation table.  

Red and orange beefsteak, red, yellow and orange cluster and red, yellow and orange cherry tomatoes were seeded.

Shilpa Patel (left) and Katie Mayer (right) seeding tomatoes.


Each seed is placed in a rockwool cube on the propagation table.  For the first 72 hours, the temperature must be maintained at 77F and the humidity greater than 80% for optimum germination.


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