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In the Fog...

During the week of May 20 - 23, 2002 the Micro Cool Fogging system was installed in house 1. This high pressure system, which is controlled by the Argus computer control system, will be utilized for both cooling and humidifying.   


One of the fog heads in the tomato bay.

With the outside relative humidity at 35%, we are able to maintain the entire tomato house (36' x 156') with the humidity in the low to mid 70% while holding the temperature in the high 70's using the Micro Cool system.  These are excellent conditions for propagating the tomato seeds and far exceeded our expectations. 
Notice the general fog filling the greenhouse.

We want to thank the staff at Micro Cool, especially Jim Murphy, for their prompt service and continuous efforts. 

John Pade and Melinda Bok with the Micro Cool high pressure pump.


Kirby Peak Ranch opening spring, 2002
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