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Training and Education

Looking for a comprehensive training program covering all phases of hydroponic and aquaponic crop production?  

You've found it!

During your course, you'll enjoy hands-on experience in the inter-workings of a commercial hydroponic and aquaponic facility and get first-hand experience in plant propagation and culturing, harvesting and packaging, hydroponic nutrient solution analysis, aquaculture water analysis, integrated aquaponic system design and operation, fish handling and health and specialty crop marketing.  

Each program includes detailed instruction, hands-on learning and appropriate training manuals and materials.   

Upcoming Programs:

Special Hydroponic/Aquaponic System Design and Plant Propagation Program
Anyone interested in learning the ins-and-outs of culture system design, assembly and operation will thrive in this program.  An added bonus is the involvement in the propagation of the first fish, lettuce and herb crops at Kirby Peak Ranch.  

Hydroponics & Aquaponics—All phases
With all systems up and running, these sessions will have a great emphasis on successful operating procedures, water quality analysis, plant nutritional analysis, hydroponic nutrient solutions, plant culturing, fish health and dynamics of an aquaponic system.

The tuition for a 3-month session is $3,000. It includes detailed instruction, hands-on learning and appropriate training manuals and materials... plus, the extra benefits listed below.

Extra benefits:

  • For those students wishing to take advantage of it, we offer lodging at the ranch.  The spacious home located adjacent to the greenhouse includes a large living area, dining hall, shared kitchen and laundry facility in addition to the comfortable dorm-style bed and bathrooms.

  • Space for student-driven research is provided and experimentation is encouraged.  

  • Research results may be published in the Aquaponics Journal.

  • Students are allowed to relax and enjoy all of the unique features of the ranch.

  • Two small grocery stores, a restaurant and post office are nearby.

  • Area attractions include:  Yosemite National Park, hiking, down hill and cross country skiing, white water rafting and kayaking, swimming, fishing, museums and shopping.

  • There may be some flexibility in the dates an individual starts and ends the program.

  • Occasionally, scholarships are awarded for tuition.


Richard and Peggy Radanovich
Richard, a pharmacist for nearly 22 years, and his wife Peggy are the owners of Kirby Peak Ranch. Lifelong residents of Mariposa County, they are well known in the community as innovative and successful business owners with extensive experience in retail management, marketing and human resources. Richard has a wide ranging agricultural background and works with the local 4-H and FFA Programs. Also, as owners of the Mother Lode Llama Co., they are experts in llama packing and in all aspects of llama herd management.

For More Information
Anyone interested in participating in a training programs should e-mail Kirby Peak Ranch  or call 1-800-946-5262 and provide background information as well as an overview of goals and interests.  Please include details of when you want to start the program.  

Kirby Peak Ranch opening spring, 2002
1-800-946-5262, Mariposa, California

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